Youth Programs

When working with the youth we utilize of both programs the Family Support and Counselling services. If it is determined that we have a high risk youth in the community and we feel it is in their best interest to be out of community we meet with the parents  and discuss the option for the youth. Youth in community also attend gatherings and other youth events in BC.

There is a youth activities in community twice a week.

Saturdays: Baseball/ basketball Thursdays: arts Saturdays: recreation, swimming, fishing etc. Thursdays: educational workshops on various subjects including: Stress, dating violence, youth group, suicide prevention, alcohol use, safe sex etc. this program will be coordinated by the Youth & Wellness counsellor.


We have an annual youth Camp held at Shadow lake Youth Camp located three hours west of Tsay Keh Dene. At the camp the youth learn something different each year some topics they have covered are: anger management, effective communication, and problem solving and stress management.

The focus of the camp in 2010 was on anger management. The Youth used art, crafts and games to learn and to recognize and express anger in a positive way.

Other activities: Breathing and mediating, making arrows, and archery practice. We would like to continue this camp and host it again in the future.

Rediscovery youth camp July 12- August 2, 2011


To discover the strength of cultural traditions


To discover the wisdom of the Elders


To discover a philosophy of respect and love …for Nature; for Each Other; and for ourselves

This camp offers counselling, cultural knowledge, and summer work for 10 youth who have completed the ABC program, and five other youth from other communities so youth from Tsay Keh Dene can learn other traditions’ in the area and embrace the diversity of the aboriginal cultures.

The rediscovery camp ensures that the elements of a good support plan are in place for youth returning from Prince George, we will support and help youth implement what they have learned while being back in the community.