Who We Are


Since man and woman (Dene) were created, time began for them to record them.  The universe and its motion along with the Galaxies in their circle rotation were created.  Our Galaxy has that motion, and our solar system is located within.  Dene (man) is ruled by day, by day, by months and by years the seasons accommodates men (Dene) time on this earth is recorded in that fashion.

The Tsay’keh’nay Dene’s symbol of the Eagle covering the four seasons on the earth within the circle demonstrates our way of life on our land, our traditions, identities, culture, language and institutions.

The dark brown circle represents life within the earth, its beginning and time, and the cycle of its life.  The power of wisdom and knowledge, accommodate and propel Dene to the highest being and spirituality if he chooses.

The four parts are the seasons that control the richness of the earth and life within.

1)   White: Represents winter, when everything rests in that time of the year and rejuvenates and prepares it’s self for spring. Snow and ice accumulates and gets ready to flush and clean the land and nourish life.

2)   Green: Represents spring, all life awakens and begins the preparation work. Each striving to the fullness of itself to accommodate and replenish the land and show the glory of accomplishment.

3)   Gold:  Represents summer, the completeness, fullness and ready to give itself to life including Dene. The time of life is to interact and happiness for the wellbeing of union.

4)   Orange: Represents fall, Life is now winding down and has completed the routine cycle, and is preparing for the coming winter, rejuvenation and preparing to rest and giving energy back to the earth.

The Earth:   The Dene is holding the feather in his right hand which symbolizes prayers and thanks giving are drawing strength from the earth.  The bowl in the left hand gives the inherit right to Dene to take things from the earth, food, water, shelter, safety etc.

The Eagle:   Represents the Tsay Keh nay Dene. To have vision over all his land and its occupants, to know that everything created upon his land, the wealth and it’s very existence to accommodate his need. The Eagle with his mouth open and spread wings represents ownership and sovereignty over our land. We are “Tsay Keh nay Dene” since time of immemorial and now.

                                                                        - Written by a Tsay Keh Dene Elder