Program is responsible for renovating residences, especially windows, doors and exterior envelopes (cladding and rooves).  Priority renovation projects involve black mould mitigation.  Other renovation priorities include adding residential capacity by building basement suites and improving quality of life by upgrading porches and decks.  The renovation team works with contractors such as heating specialist and electricians to complete specialized projects. 

  • Tsay Keh renovations team completed the Raven Homes Elders’ Complex when the contractor went bankrupt
  • The crew complete over 60 waste bins to facilitate garbage and waste oil pick up  and  to provide pest-free storage
  • Doug Hamelin, assisted by summer worker Adonis Hamelin, completed the outhouses for the Moose Valley gathering
  • The renovation crew replaced 25 broken school windows last year and totally replaced windows in 3 residences
  • The renovation crew completed a comprehensive house renovation, including flooring, walls, doors and painting over the winter season, a project typically contracted out
  • Residences can phone in requests for renovations to the Prince George office to activate a work order and ensure staff are aware of the request