Good nutrition is essential for the body and all its systems to function optimally for a lifetime.  There are benefits to good nutrition for both physical and mental health.

The nutrition program provides:

  • Advice on ways to enhance nutrients in your diet
  • Cooking classes
  • Testing for allergies and/or parasites
  • Nutrition workshops
  • Biomeridian body systems testing
  • Prenatal consulting
  • Nutrition advice for infants and children
  • Weight loss consulting
  • Wild-crafted herbal preparations and assistance in making traditional medicines


The nutritionist is in community once every four weeks (one week out of each month) to educate expectant mothers on nutrition, cooking healthy meals and nutritional consulting through individual appointment and workshops. To provide healthy vitamins for expectant mothers 

Duties: Various workshops, educate persons with Diabetes on the importance of eating well.

Individual consulting, use of bio meridian for testing; including allergy testing

Many people are afraid to see a nutritionist because they think they will not be allowed to eat all the things they love.  If you visit Lorraine Baker for nutritional advice, she will work on a program together that is specifically designed to work for you.