Mental Health &Counselling Services

Provides counsellors that are in the community two weeks out of each month with rotating shifts to ensure there is a counsellor in community every week. All counsellors that are in community are at a bachelors level education or greater.

Counsellors also develop and facilitate workshops that are appropriate for community and participate in implementing and facilitating any healing, culture or family camps that take place.

The Counselling services also includes residential treatment referrals we believe in having the treatment program fit the individual since no two individuals are the same each healing process will be different for each client. We have noticed that many of our band members like to attend private treatment centres we support this and feel that the longer programs are more productive.

Counsellors also facilitate groups and workshops in community

Number of persons accessing counselling services 47 (in community)
Number of persons accessing counselling service 10 (out of community)