Funding Programs

Industry Accepted Training has been available at the Learning Center in the “Training Bootcamp” format. However, you do not have to wait until this is organized if you can gather at least 8 interested community members. This type of training or “tickets” are employment focus, which means that it has to be required by upcoming employment opportunities. Some examples of this type of training are: OFA Level 1, Transportation Endorsement, WHIMS, Bear Awareness, Food Safe, S-100, etc.

Project-Based Training is also available at the Learning Center. Some examples of such type of training scheduled for the current year include: Community Safety Planning, Restorative Justice Essentials, Financial Literacy, etc. Keep an eye on the electronic boards and the posting boards at the Learning Center, School, Band Office and ITP for the next one!

If you have identified a need for a special training in community, don’t be shy, contact the Director of Education and Training and he will be happy to help you find funding to make it happen!


Education and Training Director

Name: Linnea Izony

Phone number: (250) 562-8882

Fax: (250) 562-8899