Program is responsible for implementing Housing Policy and Maintenance Service

Fees.  Program manages Home Safety through Home Evacuation Plans, and the upkeep of Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers. Program is responsible for the community energy conservation initiative.  The Housing Committee will be managed through this program, in addition to being responsible for Occupancy Agreements, Condition Reports and List of Housing Requests.

  • Residents are asked to contact head office to request housing and will be evaluated as per Housing Policy and placed on the List of Housing Request in order of priority
  • Residents are asked to monitor their own smoke alarms and the condition of their fire extinguishers and be aware of their home evacuation plan
  • The Tsay Keh Dene Band is conducting a replacement program for all propane appliances, including hot water tanks and stoves and plans to replace 20 units annually
  • The Maintenance Service Fee will be implemented to recover a small cost of maintenance services but will allow for an increase in maintenance activities
  • Residents are reminded to properly clean their stove pipes if using wood as a source of heat.  Failure to do so will greatly increase the risk of fire.  Maintenance staff will continue to clean elders’ stoves.