The community of Tsay Keh Dene is located at the far northern end of Williston Reservoir. The Nation has a membership base of aproximatley 500 members, half of whom live in the remote and rural community of Tsay Keh, with the rest living throughout BC or elsewhere.

Tsay Keh Dene has an elected Chief & Council which consists of the Chief and 4 councilors, 3 from Tsay Keh and the 4th from the outside of Tsay Keh to represent the members that live outside of Tsay Keh.

The elected Chief & Council set the operational objectives for the Nation for the year ahead, as well as for long term planning for the future needs of the community. These objectives are then managed and delivered by the departments under the strategic and operational guidance of the Executive Director Adi Sulaeman.

The Nation of Tsay Keh Dene has grown over the past few years. As a Nation, we are well respected by industry businesses that we deal with in the territory, as well as at all levels of Government.

Some of our recent successes are:

  • Built 23 houses in the past 6 years
  • Built Adult Learning centre, and partnered with CNC to deliver upgrading courses
  • Built new Elders six-plex
  • New Library for the community
  • Tsay Keh Dene School certified to teach to grade 12
  • Mail service with Canada Post
  • ATM machine in community
  • Developed our own house building crew to help meets the growing needs of the community
  • Increased Nation revenue by establishing Nation owned government businesses such as Chu Cho Industries and Chu Cho Environmental

Any member of Chief and Council is availible for you to talk to during office hours about any concern, idea or suggestion you have.

Governance and Administration Information Brochure