Fish and Wildlife

The Fish and Wildlife team with TKD’s LRTO department work to help with monitoring the health of different species, as well as providing support to Chu Cho Environmental when requested.

The Fish and Wildlife Program houses TKD’s resident hunter check in program, as well. In the interest of safety and sustainability, it is requested that all BC’s resident hunters check in with TKD Fish and Wildlife before entering the territory to hunt. This program helps us to better understand species populations, provide feedback to the provincial government in regards to hunting regulations, and allows for tracking of hunters throughout the territory in the interest of safety. The check in process is fast, and you can find a link to complete a hunting check in here.

Part of the Fish and Wildlife team’s work includes monitoring hunting activity throughout the territory. Please be aware of workers while hunting in the territory. All workers will have a TKD logo on their jacket or shirt, and crew trucks are marked with the logo as well. Please be aware of individuals imitating crews, and report any violations directly to LRTO administration.