Environmental Monitoring

The Environmental Monitoring program is run through a partnership with Chu Cho Environmental, who manages the majority of the field work done in the Tsay Keh Dene Territory. Much of the work on the ground is done by trained members of the Tsay Keh Dene Nation. This partnership allows for a stronger regional monitoring system that will better serve the Nation by way of better defined programming and schedules, stronger reporting processes, and sampling a greater area of TKD’s territory. Chu Cho Environmental and TKD both work on the following monitoring programs:

  • Water sampling
  • Invasive plants
  • Fish and wildlife
  • Erosion/Dust control and Air Quality testing
  • Etc.

The Environmental Monitoring Program provides the community with reliable, up-to-date information about activities taking place on Tsay Keh Dene Nation’s Territory. It is founded on the land based values of the Tsay Keh Dene people and seeks to combine traditional and scientific knowledge to best serve the needs of the Nation and its membership.

For more information on Chu Cho Environmental, you can contact GM Mike Tilson, or visit their website: http://www.chuchoenvironmental.com