Human Resources

A Career with the Tsay Keh Dene Nation

We in the Tsay Keh Dene Nation believe very strongly in our employees and our community; and we strive to be responsive and respectful to all that we interact with.”

The Tsay Keh Dene Nation (TKDN) is committed to the recruitment and retention of self-motivated persons who are skilled and experienced in his / her chosen line of profession but also understands the entrepreneurial drive; a candidate who actively strives to make a difference by supporting the development of the TKDN.

A person is “committed to our purpose, goals and mission; being clear on our values; defining our objectives clearly; and taking the actions with a clear plan to achieve positive results.”  

Benefits & Compensations

  • Competitive wage / salary
  • Comprehensive Benefit Plan with includes:
    • Extended Health & Dental
    • Life, Dependent, Accidental Insurance
    • Emergency Travel Assistance Program
    • Employee & Family Assistance Program 
    • Training and contiuining educational program are available   

The Tsay Keh Dene Nation strongly believes in the importance of a “Work Life Balance”.  Therefore, TKDN has several programs to assist this balance such as:

  • Paid Sick time;
  • Personal Days: for those emergencies or appointments that happen in every day life; and
  • Vacation time: TKDN understands the importance of taking vacation time off.  This is a time where an employee has time to relax, recharge and enjoy free time with his / her loved ones. TKDN encourages our employees to plan and take his / her well earned vacation time and tries to ensures its employee’s good health, personal motivation and well being. 

If you feel this a company, a community, a Nation where you can make a positive difference then submit your application with us. To the right, you will see information on current postings availible.