Capital & Housing Projects

This directorate is responsible for maintaining all facilities such as the school and all residences in Tsay Keh.  Staff are responsible for all renovation projects and capital projects such as the Waste Transfer Station and new house construction.  It oversees the residential occupancy contracts and administers the Housing Policy.  It is responsible for maintaining the fleet, roads and airport facilities, in addition to providing hydro, internet and overseeing cable and telephone services.  The department oversees garbage collection and the operation of the landfill and sewage lagoon, the road calcium project and the street lights.  We administer the safety related components of Tsay Keh operations such as emergency response, sprinkler certification, smoke alarm installations and fire extinguishers.  The Cap & Housing staff maintains the water and sewage systems that serve the community, including the water pump house and reservoir, fire hydrants and the individual septic systems. 

This department also maintains the accommodations available to visitors, including the provision of janitorial services.

  • Tsay Keh has 73 residential units, 4 units for teachers, a store trailer and 5 RCMP units, in addition to 2 BC Hydro trailers
  • the Elders Complex will add 6 units for elders and support workers
  • 3 additional units will be added in 2015 for teachers to accommodate new secondary school teachers
  • 1 Tsay Keh built home should be completed in 2015
  • by the end of 2015 Tsay Keh will have added 25 residential units during the past 4 years
  • Cap & Housing staff are organized into, Planning, IT, Maintenance, Renovations and Capital
  • Cap & Housing priorities are to add sufficient, quality housing to meet Tsay Keh needs; to maintain such housing using best industry practices; and to provide safe and secure living conditions for all residents and visitors to our community.  A core deliverable is to develop the skills and abilities of our residents, whenever possible, in providing our services.